Regina Lyrics

Today I tested a few new nibs I found last weekend at the cutest Calligraphy Supply Store in Switzerland. It’s called Abraxas and it is located in Basel’s Old Town. The owner was super nice and lucky for me he spoke very good english. The store is a family business and they make and sell their own ink (I bought a beautiful and rich turquoise which I said reminded me of my Caribbean’s water, and he said they were inspired by the Maldives blue… potato-potaatoh 😉 ) Check them out!
Thanks dear Neidy for taking me there and for a wonderful afternoon!

I’ve been a Regina Spektor fan for a while now, and lately I’ve found myself using her lyrics for my calligraphy excercises. Cheers! To the first Regina song I heard (and to her concert next month!) ❤


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